Wednesday, July 18, 2012

toddler, pug parade

cool air from fan on my face
a surprisingly delicious new cereal
a wonderfully noisy, joyous toddler, mom, pug parade
finishing a mini crafty task

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mostly hanging out.

100. Adventuring out in the jungle of our front yard.

101.  Gorillas at play with silverware made from sticks.

102. Names my adventurers have chosen for themselves: Jack and Hannah.

103. Boy so proud at himself for sharpening a pencil at both ends, and my own remembered pleasure of teaching Lord of the Flies.  Wild and complicated, boys we humor ourselves that we are shaping.

104. Roasted chicken sandwich on ciabatta bread.  Cranberry sauce improves anything.
105. Dinner mostly from the grill means two of three kids actually eat something two days in a row.

106. Lunch at the bar in the basement.

107. Legos, rediscovered.

108. Indiana Jones scene recreated in miniature.

109. Drawing and reading club in the hallway.

110. Pile of boxer shorts neatly folded.

111. Empty laundry basket for a moment.

112.  Netflix working again for the moment.

113. Remembering to put socks on after shower and moisturizing feet.

114. Thinking I might walk on the treadmill.  A start.

115. Happy affirmation email.

116. Poems rescued from old laptop.

117. Wonder of wonders: entire contents of computer fits on one tiny thumbdrive.

118.  Purple People Bridge.  Finally talked family into walking across it with me.  Don't even care that we had to wait out rainstorm on a sad little bench underneath on the other side.  In fact, think it may help them remember it more.

119.  One new book for each kid at the bookstore.

120. Sunshine after rain.

121.  Quiet time on the deck with my best friend husband.

122. Spinning with my boy in my arms, blond hair afluff in the breeze. "Again!"

123.  No VBS lice, yet.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crazy Crazy Fun

50. sparkly morning water
51. five kids in one bunk
53. pancake syrup everywhere
54. sand in every butt crack
55. wakeboard, tube, skis, wakeboard, tube, skis
56. big fat orange moon
57. word games
58. handprints in every size on the front door
59. chipmunk steals cereal offering from porch steps
60. spiderman beach towel in demand
61. wrassling, tackling, timeout, wrangling, wrestling
62. hammock flips upside down
63. happy baby happy boy
64. girl cousins' heads together
65. grease fire on the grill
66. wet towels on doors, hooks, beach chairs, clothes line, and piled high in laundry baskets
67. round only rock collection
68. feather collection
69. wildflower collection
70. bedtime stories this time longer

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1-"new" clothes for Isaiah. Free hand-me-downs from his cousins
2-Isaiah laughing at Samuel. My two dear baby boys.
3-the reminder: God has given us everything we need to live godly lives
4-sharing a deep, painful, past struggle with a friend. Its products helping her. Tasting, little by little, redemption.
6-sun and appealing temps
7-red wagon that spices up walks
8-the song "Be Thou My Vision"
9-time with my brother today!
10-a dear, sweet sister-in-law

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nearly to Virginia

Blessings so deep and wide it is difficult (overwhelming, redundant, indulgent, what?) to name and count them.
Nevertheless, I try, so as not to fall out of practice for the stale empty weeks that surely await.

62. Peaches, so full of sun and juice you must eat them quick in your hand, no peeling.
63. All the flavors if sunscreen lined up on the dresser, waiting to be layered thick and white on another a new morning, another new afternoon.
64. Sand in the sheets
65. One thousand (or two?) different ways to throw one's seven year old self into a pool.
66.  Baby blond heads getting whiter in the sun.
67. Horse families sharing breakfast time in our front yard
68. A secret clubhouse in the dunes.
69. N. as guard kitten, licking her paws.
70. Unexpected company arrives at our gate, joins us for fourth of July celebrating.
71. Boogie boarding.
72. N. has her aunt French braid her hair.
73. Wherever we go, L., our spotter of trash.  Bags, cans, baskets. Keeping it all watched and in it's place. "Ras, Ras, Ras."
74. L., plays with the hose when we will let him. Little piss boy statue, filling the pool with enthusiasm.
75. Seashells: cat's eyes, sun-sets, coquinas, butterfly wings, scallop, pieces of whelk.
76. Blue shelled crab in a net.
77. Hermit crabs caught skin diving with bright plastic masks in the surf.
78. Sunrise
79. Sunset
80. Full moon.
81. Someone else makes dinner all but two nights of the week.
82. J. there to help with lunch assembly line.
83. J. there to help with shower assembly line.
84. Fresh sun and shower scrubbed kids, faces pink, hair combed for dinner.
85. O. Chasing a bunny through dunes and sea oats, sure he will catch him.
86.  Sparklers and glow sticks and flashlights on the deck to make up for no fireworks.
87. Kites: mermaid, pony, spiderman and pterodactyl try bob and chase each other in the sky.
88. Drinks by the pool.  Drinks in the pool. Drinks on the beach.  Drinks on the deck.
89. Bill, the guy who delivers ice to coolers we leave out front.  $3.00 per bag.
90.  No road, only sand.
91.  Shoes parked. Only for running across hot sand.
92. Low tide and you can wade for days.
93. Flies biting my ankles, remind me this is not all fever dream.
94. Dolphins just beyond the wave break.
95. Bouncing in salt water with my baby in my arms, giggles float up and over each new wave.
96. Three booster seats lined up for each meal.
97.  Late night conversation.
98.  Spotty 3G.
99. Sunrise drive down the beach; horses on the dunes to wish us bon voyage.

Early in July

Bethany Spring, Merton Institute for Contemplative Living, New Haven, KY

My baby sleeps with me; we lie beside one another on a fouton pulled out. There are no sounds but these: the breath in my nose, a faint call of a bird in the yard, the quiet hum of an air-conditioner cooling hard the house, and this pen rolling itself fast on the page, listening.

40. little one tugs my skirt
41. handmade quilt
42. quiet coffee on a bench
43. conversation with a fellow pilgrim
44. porch swings in Kentucky breeze
45. green all around
46. crunchy ice
47. salsilito turkey
48. fast air through windows
49. mayonnaise

And more:

50. home for the fourth of July
51. thrill of a toddler running downhill
52. messy clothes, painting the world with chalk
53. splashing water
54. simple joy from but a watering can
55. shared humor with old friends
56. bleu cheese inside a burger
57. black lines on dogs from the grill
58.tang of tonic water ( and some vodka too)
59. two girls in wonder before a dollhouse open for play
60. small things in small hands
61. sweet corn off the cob
62. giraffe: wonderful, God glory
63. penguin swims, little one points in awe
64. zoo to ourselves, little Eden
65. sweaty hot, feels clean, feels alive
66. water down the throat
67. little hand feeds little goat
68. ruffled cap sleeve around a tiny arm
69. crinkled nose, toothy elfish grin, my delight each time

God must really love me.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

1. My cuddly pug, who has weathered many storms and transformations with me. Always faithful. Showing me Jesus.
2. Little Isaiah, making me laugh as he hangs upside down from his Poppa and calls me "da da" when I say "mama"
3. Voskamp, taking no superficial approach to the "hard Eucharisteos" and delving into the pain and hard questions. Showing me the possibility of believing in Jesus's love beyond my own depths and doubts. Voskamp showing me that platitudes and cliches are not the best Christianity offers in hard times.
4. My husband, who joins in my banter, allowing my sense of humor to flourish in our home